Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Costa Rica - Departure (Jan 17, 2009)

We are all sad to leave Costa Rica. This has been a truly marvelous experience and we all vow to return to Costa Rica one day. I start my day by taking a few last minute photos at Borinquen, one of which is shortly after the last sunrise seen this trip.

From Costa Rica - Departure

We arrive at the airport to find no lines at the windows where we must pay our departure tax of $26/person and too early (around 10:30 AM) for check-in for those on the earliest flights out of Costa Rica. But by the time we've all paid our departure taxes and filled out the required paperwork for departure, Len and Leslie are able to check in. American Airlines agents finally open for check in (for Mike and Tamar), after staff have thoroughly cleaned all counter surfaces which anyone might have to touch! Once the early crowd has checked in, we head for a local tourist trap, a souvenir shop where we can purchase last minute items for ourselves or to give as gifts. We also take more photos... some gender-bending photos using the 'head shot' board at the shop and a few photos of our trip leaders, Charlie, Mark and Niño, all of whom contributed greatly to our enjoyment of this trip.

Shopping done, it's back to the airport to bid good-bye to Len, Leslie, Mike and Tamar. The DC area six (Micah, Elaine, Nancy, Evan, Aliza and myself) check in next after which we have about 90 minutes to go for lunch. And then we too bid good-bye to Costa Rica, Charlie, Niño, Mark and Paige as we head for our flight to the cold north.

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Christine said...

Costa Rica looks gorgeous.

And yes I DO remember you! I still tell people of the night I had dinner with you, Mike and Chuck and over the course of the evening I said 4 words:

"Please pass the butter."