Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Costa Rica - Day 12 (Jan 14, 2009)

Our day starts with great views of the Scarlet Macaws dining on berries high in trees on the grounds of Villa Lapas. Travelers who have been to Costa Rica previously are amazed that we are seeing them so close up. They really are spectacular birds. Both Charlie (using my Nikon P4 and a bird scope) and myself get nice photos.

From Costa Rica - Day 12

Today is a fairly long travel day so we stop for lunch and a walking break at a delightful restaurant along the Pacific coast. The food is wonderful and the gardens are pleasant for our bit of exercise. We encounter some heavy traffic on the road after lunch and arrive at Borinquen, our last stop on our wonderful tour around 4 PM. This place is an elegant retreat with spa facilities and lovely grounds. Our rooms are wonderful, furnished with two double beds, a writing/computer desk, a wet bar (we don't touch it), a small table with two chairs, two comfortable chairs (one a rocking chair), TV (we don't watch it) and a bathroom with a nice large shower. We also have a porch which is separated from our neighbors (Aliza's parents, Evan and Nancy) by a flowering hedge. Special touches include towels folded as swans with a fresh hibiscus flower. The windows are screened so we can take advantage of the cross breezes instead of using air conditioning. We unpack, relax and shower and change for dinner. We each take photos of the sunset from our porch.

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