Sunday, January 18, 2009

Costa Rica - Day 2 (Jan 4, 2009)

Breakfast Sunday, Jan 4 is the first time the entire group gathers together since some arrived very late Saturday night. Our tours today (after a delightful breakfast buffet with lots of choices of breads, rolls, bagels, fresh fruit, juices, etc.) include INBioparque and Café Britt.

The INBioparque web site seems to be down as I write this but I found a very good summary of most of what they have to offer and the write-up on the Costa Rica Guide site is also informative.

Photos from early morning at the Hotel Bougainvillea (3 photos) and our INBioparque adventure (the next ten photos) are now available.

The coffee tour at Café Britt is both VERY amusing and quite educational. I've included 20 photos (photos 14-33) demonstrating some of the silliness. (the story line includes an introductory guide who gets kicked off early for mixing up the volcanoes, a boy and a girl (supposedly in love and have been dating for 10 years) and the boy's uncle) The three characters play multiple parts in the drama that unfolds around the telling of the history and production of coffee.

The last 14 photos for Costa Rica - Day 2 (starting with photo 34) are back at Hotel Bougainvillea at the end of a marvelous day of learning about Costa Rica and seeing many beautiful birds.

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