Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Costa Rica - Day 5 (Jan 7, 2009)

The day started early with coffee and bird watching the easy way. La Quinta has a bird feeding station set up in easy view from their sheltered outdoor patio. So, rain or shine, it's possible to watch and photograph the many different birds that come in to the feeder... here are just a few we saw...
From Costa Rica - Day 5

After breakfast, a short bus ride takes us to the Sarapiqui River and our boat ride. Our boatman is another excellent spotter for us and of course, Niño and Mark continue to spot birds and wildlife for us as well. Spending time on the boat is very relaxing and we also spot quite a few new birds and have one rare find... a flock of nine green ibis (too far away to photo but seen clearly in binoculars)! Mark says this bird is rarely seen and that we are really lucky.... beginner's luck!!! This post's title links to the complete album from Day 5 but I've included an iguana photo and one bird photo below.

After lunch back at La Quinta and some time on our own, we once again trust ourselves to Niño's capable driving talents and head to Tirimbini Rainforest Center for an extremely educational experience learning about cacao from all the way from planting, growing, harvesting, processing to the making chocolate and cacao powder.

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