Monday, January 19, 2009

Costa Rica - Day 3 (Jan 5, 2009)

Our third day was a travel day with the following stops en route to our home for the next three nights, La Quinta de Sarapiqui Lodge:
  • La Paz Waterfall Gardens and
  • Mirador San Fernando, a "tico" (see NOTE 1 at end of post) owned and operated version of La Paz (American run) according to our guide Mark and a favorite stop for viewing birds in a more natural setting.
Unfortunately, both La Paz Waterfall Gardens (see NOTE 2 at end of post) and Mirador San Fernando (which has/had the best view of the 110 foot La Paz Waterfall) were either very damaged (La Paz) or collapsed completely (Mirador) due to the earthquake of Jan 8, 2009.

The photos in the Costa Rica - Day 3 album include six taken from Hotel Bougainvillea before leaving, 20 from La Paz (photos 7-26), 10 at Mirador (photos 27-36) and one of our excellent guide, Mark, posting to his web site after we arrived at La Quinta. (Mac user!)

NOTE 1: "Tico" is used by native born Costa Ricans to refer to themselves.
NOTE 2: the following is currently posted on La Paz web site:
Due to the devastating earthquake on January 8, 2009, the Peace Lodge and La Paz Waterfall Gardens is temporarily closed. For Reservation information or if you need to contact us, please contact our sister hotel, The Springs Resort & Spa at (U.S.) 954 727-3939 or Costa Rica 506 2401-3312. You can also reach us by email at /

Contrary to various news reports, the 500 guests and staff members of Peace Lodge and La Paz Waterfall Gardens were all very fortunate as we had not one fatality. In fact, the worst reported injury was a broken ankle. We can only attribute our good fortune to the incredible efforts of our staff, the guides and our guests themselves. Unfortunately, there were many lost lives in the surrounding areas and we are finding out about more each hour. Our thoughts and prayers are with them and their families.

Our thoughts and prayers are with our staff who have become our family, friends, residents of Costa Rica and visitors to Costa Rica who have been affected by this incredibly sorrowful occurrence.

For those who are concerned about the wildlife at La Paz Waterfall Gardens, please know that we are doing everything in our power to make sure they are well taken care of through this trying time.

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