Thursday, July 30, 2009

Continuing saga of Depot Beach, NSW, AU Adventure....

Today (Last Saturday in July, 2009, whatever that is) was our first full day at Depot Beach... We walked the Discovery and Lake trails in the AM and visited the beach in the PM (walked along a couple of beaches and checked out a couple of overlooks). Saw quite a few birds and even saw a majestic sea eagle swoop down and grab something from the shallows or rock pools. If we were going to be here longer, I'd set up the tripod and myself and wait for birds to appear.

Dusk finds us back in our cabins and Brenda and Lyn prepping for a sumptious feast of lamb pie and fresh green beans. Must get the recipe for the lamb pie. Ruth provided another excellent dessert. Must be putting on the pounds!!!

A few photos from today's adventures at the beach follow... enjoy...

sunset in tidal pool
Pink clouds, sunset at Depot Beach reflected in a tidal pool.
Photos below are of my hosts, Ruth, Guy and son Andrew flying his kite...
flying a kite more kite flying

sea eagle in a tree
And last, but not least, a majestic Sea Eagle takes a break from flying and roosts in a tree.

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