Saturday, August 1, 2009

Leaving Sydney, AU... arriving Auckland, NZ... the Journey Continues...

An early morning departure from Ruth and Guy's courtesy of the Silver Service Taxi finds me at the airport in PLENTY of time to make my 9:30 AM flight. Am not sure why Air New Zealand wants passengers through check-in 90 minutes before flights depart and at the gate one hour before departure because nothing happens at the gate until about 25 minutes before boarding at which time they efficiently board everyone at once... first and business class through one entry and the cattle (economy) class through a different entry.

I couldn't resist taking a few photos on departure from Sydney as well as some cloud shots en route... one of each follows... I quite like the one that shows the window frame in it as well as my partial reflection as I snapped the photo.
last view of Sydney, AU en route to Auckland, NZ

view of clouds from airplane window

By the time I arrived at my hotel, settled in and was ready to go out and have a short look around town, it was already dark. So no photos of Auckland until tomorrow. Had a lovely pub supper (tomato soup, Galway mussels (done with wine, garlic and herb broth) and fresh vegetables) along with some Murphy's Irish Stout to wash it down at a pub on the waterfront area. Danny Doolan's (if memory serves) was established in 1906, seems to be a neighborhood gathering spot and definitely serves good food if my dinner is any indication of their other offerings!

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