Monday, July 20, 2009

Sydney adventures with Ruth, Guy and Andrew...

Quick summing up of a couple of whirlwind days playing tourist and socializing with various friends and family members of my hosts Ruth and Guy and their son Andrew... Saturday, July 18 found us touring the zoo in the morning and the Botanic Gardens in the afternoon after having lunch in an Italian neighborhood at a local lunch spot/coffee bar/deli. The giraffes in the zoo have a lovely view of Sydney Harbor and the city across the way... but they are MUCH more interested in their empty food container. And there are hundreds of fruit bats hanging in the trees in the rain forest area of the Botanic Gardens... sleeping by day and on the prowl at night.

giraffes fruit bats

On Sunday, July 19, 2009, we headed for the beach after breakfast and walked from Bronte Beach to Bondi (pronounced bonDI with DI as in Diane) The photo shows Bronte Beach as seen from the walk toward Bondi Beach... the second is my friends Ruth and Guy with son Andrew at Bondi Beach... see how cold winter is in Australia?
Australian beaches Ruth, Guy and son Andrew

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