Thursday, July 23, 2009

Last day in the Blue Mountains...

Bryan put bird seed out the first morning after I arrived at his lovely B&B... today the birds made an appearance and I had a chance to snap a few photos on my last day here. The Sulfur-crested Cockatoos are considered a nuisance bird... while I was having breakfast, upwards of 30 of these birds were occupying the the feeder or the tree from which it was hanging (while waiting their turn at the feeder). In addition to the cockatoos (one may be seen below), I was also lucky enough to see a Blue-cheeked Rosella at the feeder as well as one unidentified (as yet) bird.
sulfur-crested cockatoo at bird feeder

Before heading for the train back to Sydney, I managed some quick shopping in town. Bryan met me at the train station with my bags and made sure I purchased the correct ticket for Sydney Central Station before wishing me a "good day" and leaving me to catch the 11:30 AM train.

Unlike our train stations in the states, Australian train stations often have lovely views (see below) and are not located in the very worst parts of town. I'm sorry to leave the Blue Mountains but happy to be heading back to Sydney and my friends who are packing and readying things for our next adventure... off to Depot Beach (no Internet!) tomorrow. Will be back in touch with my next post on our return from the beach.
view from Leura Station

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