Friday, September 18, 2009

September 9, 2009: Beartooth Highway Adventure...

Mike unfortunately had to work today... so Mary, Evan and myself drove up the Beartooth Highway until we hit the construction at the Montana/Wyoming border at which point we turned around and came back down the mountain. For those of you unfamiliar with the Beartooth Highway... it is the stretch of route 212 from Red Lodge to Cooke City, MT and was described by Charles Kuralt as "the most scenic drive in America."

What follows are a few photos of the adventure experiencing the scenic beauty of this wonderful road... a route I never tire of no matter how many times I drive it. From several vantage points along the Beartooth Highway, the Hellroaring Road and Plateau are beautifully visible!

rocky outcropping on Hellroaring road
You may recall from yesterday's post that we drove up the Hellroaring Road to the Plateau... the rocky outcropping in the above photo is the spot where we stopped and had our lunch yesterday.
end of road on Hellroaring Plateau
Look closely and you will see the last couple of switchbacks before reaching the top of Hellroaring Road... we parked our car at the end of this road yesterday and explored the plateau on foot for an hour or more.
jeep trail on Hellroaring Plateau
The road seen here is a jeep trail on top f the Hellroaring Plateau that is no longer open to vehicular traffic.
Hellroaring Road and Plateau as seen from Rock Creek Vista on the Beartooth Highway
Hellroaring Road and Plateau as seen from Rock Creek Vista on the Beartooth Highway...
Another view of the Hellroaring Plateau as seen from the Beartooth Highway... the switchbacks in the center foreground are lower down on the Beartooth Highway.

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Impressive views!! Such great shots!