Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Last Day in Sydney, NSW, AU... Morning Adventure...

Since August 4th was my last full day in Sydney, I set out to see how much of what I'd missed so far that I could squeeze into the one day... and this means LOTS of photos so am splitting the day into two posts.

Breakfast, check... camera gear, including tripod and three lenses, check... off to Sydney Tower to go up and see the 360° views of Sydney... but first one must experience the "OzTrek" virtual reality visit to some of Australia's most well-known locales. After a ho-hum twirl around in small theaters (the visitor group is split into fourths for the first part of OzTrek) listening to an Aussie guide (real person) superimposed on several classic, diorama-type views of Australia (outback, barrier reef, etc.), the REAL fun of OzTrek begins. Strap yourselves in for the ride of your life... Your OzTrek journey excites the senses with its 180-degree cinema screens, special effects with sensational surround sound and heart-stopping real-motion seating! Believe me, I was hanging on for dear life but it was wonderful!

I'm including a few views taken from the observation deck and some taken after my descent to the street level world of Sydney... my next post (later today or tomorrow) will have more of my last day's experience... the highlight of which was walking along the Cahill Expressway pedestrian walk to get to the Sydney Harbour Bridge pedestrian pathway.

photo of St. Mary's Cathedral
St. Mary's Cathedral as seen from the Sydney Tower Observation Deck...
view of Sydney, NSW, AU from Sydney Tower
The Anzac Bridge, Sydney's other well-known bridge, was given its name on Remembrance Day 1998 in honor of the Australian and New Zealand Army Corps soldiers who fought in WWI. It is visible in the middle distance of this photo taken from Sydney Tower's observation deck and is Australia's longest cable-stayed bridge according to Wikipedia. Ruth and Guy (my hosts in Sydney) live not far from the Anzac Bridge in the Lilyfield area of Sydney. The next photo is a closer view taken from the same vantage point.
Anzac Bridge, Sydney, NSW, AU
Although this bridge is quite close to where Ruth, Guy and Andrew live, I never made it down there on foot. There is a wonderful fish market on the water near the bridge and we stopped there on my first day in Australia so Ruth could pick up some fish for our dinner that evening.
Sydney Harbour Bridge and skyline from Sydney Tower
A larger view of this photo shows some familiar company names (at least, familiar to those in the computer field) with Australian offices in Sydney... Hitachi, Sharp, Samsung, Cisco... to name a few.
Goddess Diana in Hyde Park fountain, Sydney, NSW, AU
With my feet back on the ground, I headed for St. Mary's Cathedral through Hyde Park and captured this view of the goddess Diana in Hyde Park Fountain, Sydney, NSW, AU...
Sydney Tower
As I was lining up my camera to capture a view of Sydney Tower against the sky, a nice gentleman stopped and informed me that there was a much better vantage point on the steps of St. Mary's Cathedral... which is exactly where this photo was taken. He also advised me how to go about taking the walkways to the pedestrian pathway on the Harbour Bridge so I decided to add that to my afternoon plan... more on this adventure in my next post. (later today or tomorrow)

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