Sunday, April 19, 2009

Spring in Portland, OR

Hmmm... been back already for 11 days and still haven't finished posting about my wonderful journey to Portland and surrounding area to meet my great-nephew Elliott, visit other family members and take a side trip to Seattle (with intermediate stops coming and going) to see my niece Lauren and meet her fiancé Justus. Where DOES the time go? (Seattle Story will appear in separate post)

In the interest of getting SOMETHING down before I forget everything... brevity is the watchword of this post...

Friday, April 3... morning spent babysitting Elliott (easy job) included wheeling him around the neighborhood during a misty rain (no worries, fancy buggy had a rain shield)... he slept while I snapped photos of spring flowers.
Star Magnolia BlossomEuphorbia Blossom with Raindrops

And mustn't leave out one of Elliott napping...

Friday, April 3... afternoon spent at the Japanese Garden of Portland, took a guided tour that was great (docents are volunteers), then wandered on my own to snap a few more pictures of the lovely gardens... rain off and on didn't interfere with my enjoyment of this beautiful place as evidenced by photos below.
Anthuriums in Ikebana ArrangementReflections of Sky in Pond

Getting a bit long so will continue with Saturday adventure to the tulip farm (not many tulips but fun anyway) in a separate post. (maybe will post tomorrow but don't count on it!)

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