Saturday, April 4, 2009

Family and Flowers

Weather in Portland, Oregon is iffy in the springtime. Since my arrival Thursday afternoon, clouds, rain, sun and cool temperatures have been the norm with sunshine one minute and rain showers the next.

Purchases at Powell's Books (first stop after arrival Thursday afternoon) included a book on Pacific Northwest flora, fauna, birds, etc., travel guides for my next trip, and, of course, some fiction for pleasure reading. Dan worked away at the gelato place (free wireless) across 11th Street from Powell's while waiting for me to finish my Powell's adventure and capture a few street scenes with my camera.

Downtown Portland adventures done, we headed to my home away from home. Larry and Chris were the first to arrive at Dan and Wendy's for our evening adventure in dining out nearby. After Wendy arrived home from work with the little bundle of joy, my great-nephew Elliott, we discussed dining options and settled on New York, New York... a nearby Italian eatery serving NY style pizza, Italian food specialties and, on Thursday night, crooning Frank Sinatra style by local performer John English. Here he is singing to Elliott while Elliott goes after the microphone.
Frank Sinatra impersonater (great voice) singing to Elliott

Signing off for now... Flowers are part of Friday's adventure which MAY be posted sooner rather than later.

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Kerry (AKA Trishaaristead - flickr) said...

Sounds like a great day, especially the book shop. I haven't had chance to go into a good bookshop in years and really miss them. Hope the pizza tastes good. Have a wonderful evening.

Kerry (AKA Trishaaristead)