Monday, April 20, 2009

The journey continues to Wilsonville, OR

After spending the first two nights at my nephew Dan's house (with his wife Wendy and son Elliott), Saturday morning found me on my way to Wilsonville (about 20 minutes south of Portland) to spend some time with my brother Larry and his wife Chris. Dan, Wendy and Elliott showed up in Wilsonville not long after I did ... we grabbed some sandwiches at a nearby sandwich shop and headed for the Wooden Shoe Tulip Farm hoping to see fields of tulips during their annual tulip festival.

It was a beautiful spring day, blue sky and warm temperatures. BUT, on arrival at the tulip farm we were disappointed to discover that there were almost NO tulips blooming in the fields due to the unseasonably cold (and snowy) winter as well as the cooler than usual spring weather. Not to worry... there were many potted tulips in bloom and we saw many other beautiful bulb plants blooming as well. And the view of a snow-capped Mt. Hood against the blue sky was spectacular! The potted tulips were quite nice as well.
Snow-capped Mt. HoodZombie (that's their name) tulips

We saw a notice at the tulip farm that the nearby St. Josef's Winery was having a tasting with MUSIC and souvenir glasses... so off we went over back roads in search of the winery. We did our tasting, then bought another glass of wine and sat outside listening to the band play and enjoying the sun. Great-nephew Elliott doesn't much care for bright lights and the sun was VERY bright... so he was wearing his shades. The fabulous Mr. Elliott definitely appears to be considering an important deal. (record contract or who to whack?)
Let me think about itOK... let's do it

At the end of an afternoon of adventures, Larry, Chris and myself headed home to Wilsonville and dinner out nearby... Dan, Wendy and Elliott headed home to Portland. Tomorrow... off to Seattle with Larry and Chris to see Lauren (their daughter, my niece). I'll be staying in the group house guest room... AND I get to meet Lauren's fiancé Justus too!

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