Sunday, June 26, 2011

Playing tourist in Göteborg, Sweden on a rainy day in June, 2011...

After breakfast on our second day, we met up with Örjan and Lisa who showed us a bit of Göteborg. We started with a visit to Örjan's office building which is situated on a high hill that offers great views of Göteborg. The older part of the building was the home of the "Göteborg Navigations Skola" where sailing was taught in the "old days" (an expression we heard used a lot on this trip).

Since it was a cold, rainy day, we opted for spending time indoors since we couldn't possibly see all of Göteborg in one day! Örjan's office building partially surrounds a historical hill where there was a very old town cemetery and where they used to execute people in the 1600s.  We passed by the old city hall, a chocolate/candy store and proceeded on foot to a museum with lots of viking and emigration history as well as a design exhibition that included a jewelry display by their daughter Matilda.  The museum cost 40 SEK, but covered 5 museums in Göteborg for a full year.

rooftops of Göteborg
View from outside terrace at Örjan's office building showing the interesting architecture and a few church towers above the rooftops of the town.

exterior door to old sailing school
View of entry to the old part of Örjan's office building showing the name of the sailing school that was originally housed in the building.

architecture detail
Some more of the interesting features of the old part of Örjan's office building.

roof tiles and metal sheeting in the rain
Rainy weather does provide some lovely opportunities for colorful images of exterior features of lovely old buildings.

tourist train
Tourist train that would have saved us a bit of walking had we opted for using it... Lisa and Örjan provided us with great guidance on our tour of the city and allowed us to stop whenever, wherever we wanted to take photos which wouldn't have been possible riding this cute train.

If you've read this far, thanks so much. It has taken me 3 to 4 times as long as usual to put this post together. Perhaps if I get ore familiar with the iPad, I'll be able to put things together more quickly. One source of frustration is that I cannot use "Picnik" to put together collages which would allow me to pack more into less space. I'm only half finished with our tourist day in Göteborg so probably will leave the bulk of posting about our travels until my return home where I have access to more familiar methods of posting and editing images!


Ginnie said...

Seeing this much is so much better than nothing, Victoria, so I'm happy you're hanging in there with your iPad! We've had rain, too, here in Holland, so I think we're in synch with you. We just roll with the punches. Keep enjoying your time away....

Expat Traveler said...

Wow - this is so beautiful and reminds me of Victoria BC.. Oh my mom did get an IPAD and we worked through some of the stuff together before my little girl was born...

Great photos!!! love it. Might I suggest you combine your blogs together for the love of photography and travel all in one. :)