Thursday, June 16, 2011

Nothing to do with our travels... Just a test...

Sitting in Rock Bottom in Bethesda the night before leaving on our trip... Thought I'd give posting a try just to make sure I have everything I need on my iPad. (for our itinerary and notes on the trip, please see the previous post)

The image below is another experiment in HDR processing and is from a bracket set of images taken at Wollam Gardens in Jeffersonton, Virginia. After merging the images with Nik software, the vintage effect was applied. I rather like how the foliage frames the 1935 vintage tractor which is still in use on the 11 acre property.
My next post here will either be en route to Sweden or after our arrival on Saturday, June 18th. (the house is not empty while I'm away in case anyone is concerned about that)

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Ginnie said...

I love that you have made 'a test' on your iPad, Victoria. The thought that you are now over on my side of the world thrills me to no end. I trust you have arrived safely and that all is well in Sweden. We've had rain here in The Netherlands all weekend but the sun was shining this morning. A Swedish blogger said she, too, was having rain. Well, maybe that gave you a chance to rest up a bit. Hopefully you're having a great holiday!

I LOVE your HDR image. Believe it or not, for all the HDR-ish images I have made, not one of them was done the 'real' way with 3 images. OK, so I cheat. :)