Sunday, July 24, 2011

Göteborg to Stockholm... a Day of Travel in Sweden, 2011.

At this rate, I'll be on my next trip before I finish posting about my recent family trip to Sweden and Iceland. BUT, I think I'm getting the hang of decision making about what images to include in collages to give a taste of our travels. There is simply no way I can possibly share everything we saw and did without overloading everyone with images and stories! But I simply had to share a few more images from our day of travel (already reported briefly in a previous post) between Göteborg and Stockholm. The previous post was made while still traveling and using an iPad for posting to my blog... not the easiest thing I've ever done!

churches in Habo and Gränna Sweden
Exterior of two churches: Habo Kyrka in Habo, Sweden on the left and Gränna Kyrka in Gränna, Sweden on the right. Habo Kyrka is famous for its painted interior which is considered to be the finest in all of Sweden. The present Gränna Kyrka, rebuilt in 1895, is on the same site as the 12th century church that was destroyed by fire in 1889.

images of painted interior of Habo Kyrka
The painted interior of Habo, Kyrka is mind boggling to see... the church, cathedral style, was built entirely of wood in the early 1700s. From Wikipedia: The interior of the church was painted [from] 1741-1743 by two artists from Jönköping, Johan Kinnerius and Johan Christian Peterson. The paintings represent Martin Luther's summary of Christian Doctrine. No single image could possibly do justice so I suggest you go there and see this church (kyrka) for yourself! Clockwise from top, left: the part of the pulpit where the minister would stand, the portion of the pulpit above where the minister stood, the high altar, and a detail of one of the many painted areas of the church.

miscellaneous images of travel in Sweden
A few miscellaneous images including a view of the beautiful countryside near Habo Kyrka, watering cans hanging in the cemetery near a water spigot, delicious lunch at Gyllene Uttern Hotel (the first motor hotel in Sweden and a lovely spot to stop along the way), and the robot lawnmower we saw cutting the grass (really well!) at Gränna Kyrka.

You might like to view a slide show of images of my family vacation which includes additional images not posted to this blog.


Ginnie said...

"Overloading everyone with images?" As my daughter would say, Victoria, this is YOUR blog and you can do anything you want. :) The thing is, it´s YOUR legacy and YOU want to have the images visible, so don´t ever worry about that least not with me. HA!

I can just imagine seeing those paintings inside that church. But my favorite image? The one of the watering cans. :)

Expat Traveler said...

Oh how beautiful! Definitely looks like a great vacation..

Would you please send me your email via my blog. All you have to do is comment and it is hidden, then I can write you back...

I'm so interested to know a few things.. :) I'm also really happy to know you are enjoying your retirement.. Can I be there already too. :)