Sunday, February 20, 2011

Rambling to Foxcross Pottery in Sharpsburg, MD with stops along the way...

photo collage for Foxcross Pottery
Del of Foxcross pottery is a favorite potter of mine whose pieces I have been buying for over 30 years... his studio and home are both on the same property where he lives with his wife and works in his studio most every day. My cousin Jane and I had been discussing going off somewhere to have fun together while taking pictures for awhile now since photography is a passion for both of us.

Since it had been quite awhile since we had visited Del in Sharpsburg, MD, we thought making a day of it and heading up that way (slightly less than a 90 minute drive from my house if one doesn't stop at all en route) qualified for a fun adventure, especially since we decided to go up by one route and return by another... traveling a few back country roads and having lunch in Shepherdstown, WV either before or after visiting with Del at his pottery studio. Our friend Susie concurred and happily joined us.

The collage above (view large; right click link to select view in another window to avoid leaving this page... html tag target=blank isn't working for me any more) is a collection of images from our visit... Although I've visited Del many times, I learned a few things that I hadn't known before... the collection of old tools hanging on the wall are some that Del found on their property when they were clearing the land to build their home and the artifacts on the shelf (some bullets, uniform buttons and other items) are Civil War artifacts. Del used some of the old tools when building their home! Del is pictured above an old teapot that sits on a wood stove in front of the shelf holding the artifacts. To his right is the sign outside his studio. The stained glass window decorates their kitchen/dining area, the wooden shelf with several pottery pieces showcase 'pots' from potters who inspired Del when he was starting out and the rest of the pottery (the bowl with gourds and pine cone and in the lower right collage image) is all Del's work.

I will be adding to this post when I find the time to put together a couple more collages showing representative images of the rest of the adventure my cousin Jane, our friend Susie and I had the other day. In the meantime, there is a fairly brief slide show of the images I hope to organize better when I find the time. Who knew retirement would keep me so busy!

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Ginnie said...

HA! Now you're talking, Victoria. :) I LOVE that collage and how you put it together. It's just delightful, as is your slideshow (that's how I used to do all my pictures, in a Picasa album!). I especially love that you had a photo-hunt day with 2 of your friends, visiting an artist whose work is indeed so very soulful. I can just picture it all for you. Thanks for sharing it.