Friday, March 13, 2009

Rascally Squirrels

For the longest time after I put up bird feeders in my yard, the squirrels left them alone. But this past year was apparently a bad year for the oak trees in the Greater Washington, DC Metropolitan area (which is where we live), so the squirrels have been pretty desperate for food. As a result, we (the squirrels and I) have been having a running battle... I've been trying to keep them from the bird seed and they've been coming up with ever more creative approaches to get to it in spite of my efforts.

One of my feeders is a wooden house feeder which the squirrels first learned they could dine from by hanging upside down from the wooden roof as shown below.
First he grabs some seed... and then he hangs around eating it!

I've posted an album of Rascally Squirrel photos on Flickr and expect that more photos will be added as the show continues. Meantime, enjoy the show (I'll be back to edit this post sometime later but it's time to organize dinner now!)

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